Condolences - Hon. Robert James Lee Hawke AC

Bob Hawke has become an embodiment of a uniquely Australian form of leadership. Bob's type of leadership can be summed up as a 'both/and' style; both determined and irreverent, both successful and humble, and both resolute and kind. Read more

Valedictory - Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion

As we've heard tonight, Nigel's been a fisherman, a shooter, an industry representative, a mango farmer, a senator, and a family man. In my view, in many respects, tonight we are losing more than just a senator; we're losing a number of people all at once, rolled into one, because he brings such diversity to this place. He brings something that no one person can replace. Read more

New market opportunities for our farmers and our agricultural products

They've got to have growing markets to get more money to stay competitive and also to make sure they keep the bank happy and the wife happy and the family happy and all those things happy. That's what they need. That's why, as a government, over the last six years we have signed new trade agreements with Japan, with China, with Korea, through the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreements and with Indonesia more recently—all massive markets for our farming produce. Read more

Recent developments relating to vegetation management

What we have learnt this week is that the Labor Party and Bill Shorten are planning to bring these laws to Canberra—to bring these same draconian laws that are restricting Queensland farmers now to Canberra and apply them nationally. As the Prime Minister said this week, Bill Shorten wants to land-lock this country away from development, away from progress and away from growing more food. In fact, what he really wants to do is padlock the Queensland farming sector and the Australian farming sector to the land-lock laws of the Queensland parliament.  Read more

Statements - Register of Senators' Interests

I wish to place a matter on the public record today in relation to my brother, who, through his involvement in a consortium, has acquired just over a seven per cent interest in the Ralston coalmine and its related assets.  Read more

Recommendation proposed by the Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission and the Productivity Commission

As I indicated this week, the government will be carefully considering the findings and recommendations of the Productivity Commission's five-year review of the basin plan and the South Australian royal commission. In respect to the royal commission, it will take time to digest the 746-page report. However, the government has made clear its view that the basin plan has been made consistently with the requirements of the Water Act 2007.  Read more

Regulation of Live Export by the Department of Agriculture

As many in this place who are familiar with independent investigations like the one that has been conducted by Mr Philip Moss into the department of agriculture would know, it is common practice for such reports to be shared with the organisations that are being investigated before they are finalised. Read more

Valedictory - Senator Wacka Williams and Senator Leyonhjelm

I'd like to rise to make a brief contribution on the legacies that both Senator Wacka Williams and Senator Leyonhjelm will leave in this place. I might start with Senator Leyonhjelm because I probably have a little bit more to say about Senator Williams as he's a colleague of mine. Read more

South Australian royal commission into the Murray-Darling Basin

This government is the government that has delivered a Basin Plan, a plan that has delivered better environmental outcomes for the Murray-Darling, a plan that is balanced to ensure that communities are protected and their jobs and industries looked after as well as returning water to the environment. Read more

North Queensland Flooding

There have been multiple disasters wrapped up in one. There's been the immediate impact of the flood and the monsoon low on Townsville, near where Senator Macdonald lives and where his office is located, which has done enormous damage to households and resulted in the tragic loss of two lives. There's been enormous damage to our agricultural sector and the loss of many, many stock. The numbers will probably never be known.  Read more



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