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Barnaby Joyce leaves as Nationals leader with a long list of accomplishments. As leader and before, he helped pull the Nationals back from the grave. Just a decade ago it was commonly accepted that the Nats would have to merge with the Libs to survive. Within a decade the Nats...

Northern Australian livestock industries will benefit from a ‘northern guard’ to strengthen the surveillance of diseases and pests such as Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and screw-worm fly.

Eight projects to boost cross-industry innovation, collaboration and sustainability in the resources sector will share in $2.1 million of government funding.

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In the 1950s, the Australian Government decided that we had to reduce our reliance on imported oil because the cost was making it difficult to keep the Australian dollar fixed to the pound. So the Menzies government passed the Petroleum Search Subsidy Act 1957 and encouraged the major resource companies...

I sometimes feel very humbled that so many southern Australians care so much for a quaint little coal mine in the wilds of central Queensland, near where I, and my wife and five children live. 

IN THE inner-city Brisbane suburb of West End, business is booming. Cranes dot the skyline as new apartment blocks go up and new shops open their doors. That construction boom creates plenty of jobs – in fact, the unemployment rate in Brisbane is 5.8 per cent.

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LNP Qld team on Adani and Labor wrecking CQ coal jobs Michelle Landry MP (Capricornia) Ken O’Dowd MP (Flynn) Senator Matt Canavan – Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Senator Ian Macdonald  (Townsville)  

Subjects: Adani Carmichael Mine; Labor’s deals with the Greens; Uluru Statement

Subjects: Adani Carmichael Mine; Queensland Government royalties stoush; One Nation recordings controversy 

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