Privacy Amendment (Public Health Contact Information) Bill 2020

I rise to support this bill, the Privacy Amendment (Public Health Contact Information) Bill 2020, and to commend the government for their timely rolling out of these protective measures that are supporting the good outcomes that we have seen so far in our fight against the coronavirus. I think we in this country can take pride in having established a record of firsts when it comes to taking action against the virus.  Read more

Take Note of Answers - COVID-19

Before I get to the substance of my contribution, taking note of the questions asked by the opposition today, I too would like to commend the government and all governments around Australia—indeed, the entire Australian people—for how they have responded, combined and acted over the past two months. It's perhaps becoming too easy to forget that two months or so ago, when we left this place and basically suspended at least normal operations of the parliament, we had our cases growing at well above 20 per cent a day. Read more

Matter of Public Importance - Climate Change

I think the introduction of this motion from the Australian Greens is a classic example of hoisting yourself on your own petard, because it's the Australian Greens coming into this chamber criticising other political parties for not doing adequate costings. This is a party that regularly proposes policies which are uncosted—which have no basis in what they would cost—and it is now claiming that we are doing the same and criticising us for doing the same. Read more

Galilee Basin (Coal Prohibition) Bill 2018

The Galilee Basin (Coal Prohibition) Bill 2018 demonstrates that the Greens are the John McEnroe of this parliament. They cannot cop an umpire's decision. They cannot cop the decision of the umpire when it comes to doing environmental assessments. They always like to call on the umpire's decision when it goes in their favour. When the umpire makes a decision to restrict a project or stop jobs being created under our environmental laws, the Greens will very quickly point to that and say, 'See, that demonstrates what we have been saying, and it should be adhered to.' Read more

Matter of Public Importance - Fossil Fuels

I always try to find redeeming features in people. You always try to be fair to people, even those you disagree with, and I certainly have my disagreements with the Greens political party. But everybody in life will have some qualities that shine through and mark them out from others, and there's no doubt the Greens have the gold medal in exaggeration and outlandish statements. Read more

Financial Sector Reform (Hayne Royal Commission Response - Protecting Consumers (2019 Measures)) Bill 2019

: I rise also to support the Financial Sector Reform (Hayne Royal Commission Response—Protecting Consumers (2019 Measures)) Bill 2019. It's a bill that implements some of the recommendations of the Hayne royal commission. I'd like to firstly pay tribute to some of my former and current Nationals colleagues who played a big role in establishing the Hayne royal commission in the first place, particularly former senators Barry O'Sullivan and John Williams, who were at the forefront of advocating for this commission, and also the member for Wide Bay, Mr Llew O'Brien. Read more

Community Sport Infrastructure Grant Program - Take Note

Well, colleagues, what we've heard today from the Labor Party is a lot of exaggeration, a lot of conjecture and a lot of long bows being drawn but not a lot of evidence and certainly no case based on any evidence. We haven't heard that, because the words that the Labor Party have been using aren't actually from the Auditor-General's report about this project.  Read more

Condolence speech on Australian Bushfires

 I too rise to offer my sincere condolences to all of those Australians that have suffered enormous loss over this terrible and tragic summer period and add my brief words to this statement. These fires have been devastating and tragic for so many. Thirty-three Australians have lost their lives. Read more

Statement on North Queensland Cowboys

 I wish to place a matter on the public record today in relation to a membership I've not previously declared. I currently have a supporters membership with the North Queensland Cowboys. Read more

Supporting jobs in our resources sector

It's now been 201 days since the 18 May federal election, and how good is it that 200 people have been employed at the Adani Carmichael mine site since then? Basically, in those 200 days we've had one person a day get a job at the Adani mine, thanks to the fact that this government stood up for jobs at the election. This government and the Australian people rejected the Labor Party's approach, which was to shut down jobs and shut down our great coal industry. Read more



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