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  • Lidia Kardos
    commented 2019-09-07 21:55:23 +1000
    As an LNP member, I have followed the many promises made by the various MPs before the May Election and I must say, I speak for many others, we are disappointed that those promises of great importance to this country have in the main not been implemented. COAL and WATER are natural resources NOT owned by the States nor organisations. One comes from below the earth’s surface and the other come from the sky. On Titles of Ownership of Land it clearly states that the Crown has the ultimate right. The Federal Government was elected to represent the people of Australia. This being the case, why has no decision nor announcement been made about building at least one of the much needed HELE (High Efficiency Low Emission) Coal Fired Power Stations?
    Why are Australian households and industries paying ever increasing power prices for unreliable power which are driving Enterprises offshore?
    Our Treasurer wants local businesses to do more to boost the economy YET the Government will not take the initiative to use our clean coal to build coal fired power Stations to give industry the confidence to invest.
    On a recent group-trip to China, we travelled far and wide in this Communist Regime. China’s fast trains reach speeds unheard of in Australia, and it was evident that they are so far ahead of us in so many ways that by comparison we are the 3rd World country.
    Our only Rights of any importance was our Democracy and our Free Speech and even these are being eroded by out of control protesters and the Human Rights Commission which is so out of touch with reality and the rights of people who simply want have a decent life.
    China pays lip-service to renewable energy, but is planning to build 284 NEW clean-coal fired power stations by 2030, to be fuelled WITH OUR CLEAN COAL that we are unable to use ourselves because the disruptive Greens have some unrealistic goal and this goal will destroy Australia beyond redemption.
    Shanghai Airport has banks of charging stations for the electric cars owned by the elite but it is ALL A SHOW for international travellers and the UN to see how environmentally friendly they are. Actually this is very true because the Continent has been recycling its own waste for thousands of years. (We should learn from this as well). But their power comes from COAL. On my extensive tour I lost count of the number of Power Stations we passed but I clearly remember counting ONLY 10 Wind Turbines and 2 Solar farms.
    Why is Australia suffering from longer and longer droughts?
    We have so many great rivers that are currently discharging their LIFE SUSTAINING WATERS into the oceans. Why are our farmers driven out of their lands because no water is available for their crops and stock? Stanthorpe, Qld trucks in water at great cost to maintain life and crops. Alan Jones presented Government with a plan to drought-proof the interior that’s already been costed and ready to go but it has been ignored. The Bradford Scheme has been around for decades – nothing has happened.
    Liberals and Nationals unless you ALL get together for the good of this once great country and restore some sanity in Government the end of all of us is near.
    What is the reason for this lethargy ? Scott Morrison can’t do it all on his own while his ministers sit on their hands.
    At least we can give praise to Peter Dutton for his stand on illegal immigrants and his concern for the safety of our Borders. He had a great allay in Senator Jim Molan.
    Lidia Kardos
  • Peter Andreassen
    commented 2019-09-07 20:19:35 +1000
    Hello Matt, Qld; would be able to do more broadacre farming if the State Gov; would get on with building dams and harvesting the massive wet season run off ,can you get the ball rolling on this,and while on the job get a new coalfired powerstation on the drawing board, that’s my gripe thank you.
  • Lidia Kardos
    followed this page 2019-09-07 11:46:44 +1000



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