Senator Matt Canavan

Matthew Canavan is a Senator for Queensland based in Rockhampton. Matthew is passionate that the Senate should strive to represent regional areas especially and that is why he has based himself in Central Queensland.

To make a stronger regional Queensland we need to:

  • support our job-producing industries; 
  • protect the small against the powerful; 
  • promote property ownership, and
  • help families have children.

I am committed to influencing Australia's laws to help achieve this but I need your help too. The best way to do that is to spread the message by following me on facebook or twitter, or subscribing to my newsletter. You can also get involved by volunteering or contacting me.

There is more information on this website about the issues I am campaigning on, my recent speeches and my latest media releases or articles. 


Latest Media Releases

Electing a federal Labor government on July 2 would risk tens of thousands of jobs across northern Australia. Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan said today that Bill Shorten's lack of support for mines and dams across the north puts at risk tens of thousands of jobs in coming years....

Labor’s northern tourism fund announcement is nothing short of a money shuffling rebadge.   This announcement does not provide any new money for the development of Northern Australia. Instead, it takes money away from the Coalition's $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, an initiative Labor voted in favour of less...

Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan says the Labor Party needs to come clean and state its true position on the Adani Carmichael Coal project in Central Queensland. “Development of the Adani Carmichael mine, construction of a rail line to the coast and the expansion of the Abbot Point coal...

Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan says the latest step in the approvals process for the Rookwood Weir puts pressure on Bill Shorten and Labor to come clean on their position on water infrastructure. On Saturday, the Queensland Coordinator-General released additional information on the Rookwood Weir’s environmental impact statement for...

The federal Labor party needs to come clean on its position on developing Queensland's water resources, Northern Australia Minister Matt Canavan said today. “It would appear they have already ‘gone to water’ on dams,” Senator Canavan said today.

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