Senator Matt Canavan

Matthew Canavan is a Senator for Queensland based in Rockhampton. Matthew is passionate that the Senate should strive to represent regional areas especially and that is why he has based himself in Central Queensland.

To make a stronger regional Queensland we need to:

  • support our job-producing industries; 
  • protect the small against the powerful; 
  • promote property ownership, and
  • help families have children.

I am committed to influencing Australia's laws to help achieve this but I need your help too. The best way to do that is to spread the message by following me on facebook or twitter, or subscribing to my newsletter. You can also get involved by volunteering or contacting me.

There is more information on this website about the issues I am campaigning on, my recent speeches and my latest media releases or articles. 


Latest Media Releases

A Labor government in Canberra after July 2 could shut down the aluminium industry in Australia. Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan said today Labor would likely force aluminium producers to buy electricity from more expensive renewable sources. “This would shut down the aluminium industry in Australia and force producers...

Resource development projects vital for jobs and growth in the north would grind to a halt if Labor and the Greens formed an alliance after the July 2 election, Northern Australia Minister Matt Canavan warned today.

The Minister for Northern Australia, Senator Matthew Canavan Says Bill Shorten can't be trusted to build dam infrastructure in Queensland's north.  "The Labor leader claims he’ll establish an all-talk, no-action feasibility study into dams in North Queensland."

Legislation to establish the Government’s $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) has passed the Parliament enabling it to commence from July. This important initiative is a cornerstone of the Northern Australia White Paper, which sets out the Government’s development plan to unlock economic and population growth opportunities across the...

Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan has warned Labor’s revived Carbon Tax policy will hike up power bills and stymie agricultural development in Northern Australia. “Under Labor, the ‘tree police’ will be raiding farms,” Senator Canavan said. “Labor has today revealed it will expand its great big tax on everything...

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