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Speech to the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) Convention in Perth. Next year will mark the 160th anniversary of one of the first major Australian mineral finds, yet 70% of Australia remains unexplored from a mineral perspective. 

SENATOR THE HON MATTHEW CANAVAN Minister for Resources and Northern Australia National Press Club Speech 28 March 2018

The German historian Alexander Dermandt once compiled 210 reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire. One of the 210 reasons was the depletion of its mineral resources.[1A]

Latest Senate Speeches

We have grown rich as a nation on our abundant cheap energy sources in our country, including our coal, our gas and our hydro resources down here in southern Australia. We are very lucky as a nation to have been given these resources and to be able to use them...

It is important to listen. But it is even more important that a government acts after listening to those concerns. Having spoken to Senator McKenzie after her roundtable, I know that she did hear from dairy farmers about how waiting times were too long to receive assistance through Centrelink and...

It is a happy moment for this country that we have recorded a record trade surplus on Friday just gone. In the latest statistics we now have a trade surplus of almost $6 billion—$5.8 billion. It has increased by $5.3 billion. It is a record amount. It is the highest...

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