It’s net curtains - The Spectator

Net zero emissions is the public policy embodiment of corporate BS. Anyone who has worked for a large corporation has sat through mind-numbing Powerpoint slideshows, with liberal helpings of buzzwords like ‘synergy’, ‘thought leadership’ and ‘data-driven’. Net zero is the ultimate corporate buzzword and that’s why so many woke corporations have fallen for it. Many small businesses, who understand the day to day realities of meeting payroll with cash, remain opposed. Read more

Why Australia is foolish to embrace net zero emissions - The Daily Telegraph

Australia is lagging the rest of the world. Just as we are set to sign up to a net zero emissions target, everyone is in a desperate rush to get more coal, oil and gas. In the UK, they have reopened coal power stations because there has been a wind drought, and Vladimir Putin is not sending them as much gas as he used to. The US has asked Middle Eastern countries to increase oil production because the woke Wall Street bankers are no longer financing fracking in Texas. Read more

Unspoken high price of ‘zero’ mission is a telling silence - CQ Today

For most newspapers, news reporting is not really a thing anymore, so it was no surprise to see the nations News Limited papers be devoted to advertising in favour of what they termed "mission zero" this week. Their goal was to convince people of the merit of signing up to a net zero emissions goal. After reading through the propaganda, I was almost convinced to change my mind, after all, by the way it was pitched, I should be receiving a new set of steak knives if I did. Removing all use of coal, gas, oil, cattle (they produce emissions too) is such a monumental task that will cost a fortune. But nowhere in the propaganda did it describe what this cost would be. The "economic analysis" only described potential jobs in new industries, some of which do not currently exist like hydrogen electricity. There was not even an attempt to estimate the costs of making such a huge change to our economy. Read more

Christians treated poorly - CQ Today

In 2012 a Perth builder put an advertisement for a bricklayer on Gumtree with the condition ‘No Irish’. The ad was a bigoted throwback to the practice common in Australia up until the mid 20th century of job ads stating NINA (No Irish Need Apply), or sometimes ‘English Only’ or ‘Protestants Preferred’. Read more

Price of zero emissions - CQ Today

I haven’t been to a fancy restaurant in a while but before we had five kids I would try to impress my wife by lashing out. I hated the places where they would bring you the menu and it had no prices on it. I would get a sinking feeling that I probably can’t afford this. Read more

Expanding our horizons - CQ Today

More than 60 per cent of Australians live in our largest 5 cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. In comparison, less than 10 per cent of Americans live in their largest 5 cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix. The concentration of our population in such a small number of places over a vast continent creates congestion, pushes up house prices and makes it harder to deliver basic infrastructure. Despite having more land per person than any continent outside of Antarctica, we have some of the highest property prices in the world. Read more

Labor's no friend to coal - CQ Today

As a politician you get a little tired and sometimes frustrated during election campaigns. During the 2019 election I was going through Facebook, to distract myself from a tough day, and noticed a post from Joel Fitzgibbon, the Labor Member for Hunter. He said, “People still ask me why we can’t build a new coal-fired power station. The answer is we can, but no one wants to.” Read more

120 years of our flag - CQ Today

Last week was our flag’s birthday. On 3 September, 1901, the Australian flag was flown for the first time, over the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Thus beginning the great Australian tradition of denigrating our flag. As The Bulletin magazine then described it: “... a staled rechauffe of the British flag, with no artistic virtue, no national significance... Australia is still Britain’s little boy. What more natural than that he should accept his father’s cut-down garments ... That bastard flag is a true symbol of the bastard state of Australian opinion.“ Read more

Beware rule by scientists - CQ Today

Covid zero died this week, although many will continue to conduct eulogies for sometime. It would be better to have zero Covid than some Covid. Coronavirus is a serious disease and Australia has been fortunate to escape significant outbreaks here compared to almost any other country in the world. Read more

NRL a credit to CQ region - CQ Today

Congratulations to all involved in organising Rockhampton’s first NRL game. It was a huge success for rugby league and great marketing for Central Queensland. I have been stuck in Canberra while Parliament is sitting given the COVID border closures so I missed the game. But it looked fantastic on TV. The shots of the Fitzroy, and Mount Archer looming over Browne Park, looked picturesque, and watching it from freezing Canberra made me more homesick for the CQ Tropicalwinter weather. Read more



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