‘Naively’ playing to Putin - CQ Today

The Ukrainian people helped end the Soviet Union. On 1 December 1991, they voted 92 per cent in favour of declaring independence from the USSR. One week later the Soviet Union was dissolved. Vladimir Putin called this event the "greatest geopolitical catastrophe" of the 20th century. We should not be surprised that he ordered an invasion of the Donbas region of the Ukraine this week. Read more

A little light reading points to some hard realities - CQ Today

This week the Chinese Communist Party's English language newspaper, The Global Times, published an article endorsing Labor leader Anthony Albanese as the preferred option for Australia's Prime Minister. On its Twitter page, The Global Times promoted the article by saying that Anthony Albanese "positively shines compared to Morrison." Read more

Labor can’t be trusted to handle China challenge - Courier Mail

In 2020, Labor Senator Murray Watt claimed that the Liberal National Party's "inflammatory" rhetoric on China contributed to them banning our beef, barley and coal. Labor was happy to politicise our relationship with China when they thought it suited them. Now they are crying foul because there are serious questions arising about Labor's judgement on China. Read more

Protect parents’ rights - CQ Today

The world is full of contradictions. To live a truly free life, you need to show discipline to earn a living and provide for yourself. To get healthy you need to make your body feel pain through exercise. To deliver a nation peace and security, we are best to prepare for war. And to live in a harmonious society that gets along we need to respect the right of people to discriminate about who they associate with. Ironically, a tolerance for division creates unity, or in other words, good fences make for good neighbours. Read more

Naivety on China impact - CQ Today

The Winter Olympics does not normally generate a lot of hype in Australia but there is even less than normal chatter about the latest games due to start this week. That is because this year's Winter Olympics are in China, an increasingly pariah state from the rest of the world. Read more

Look to Europe for why we need to stop solar, wind fantasy - Courier Mail

Europe is in a bind. They want to deter Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine but then they rely on Putin to supply them 40 per cent of their natural gas. Despite all of Europe’s net-zero posturing they need Russia’s gas. Europe has got itself in this vulnerable position because of its obsession with dancing to the tune of Greta Thunberg types. Read more

Give all Australians a fair go - CQ Today

Most mornings (when I remember to) I put up the Australian flag out the front of our house. I feel enormous gratitude for living in this great country and raising the flag is a small ritual to remember how lucky I am. Just before Christmas I shared a picture of the flag on Facebook, saying how lucky we are. Plenty of people liked the post and shared that sentiment. A significant number, however, felt they could not be proud of Australia given the increasingly draconian and bureaucratic COVID restrictions on their lives. Read more

Bring farming to CQ - CQ Today

Rockhampton is our nation’s beef capital and the LNP has a plan to make it our farming capital too. Over summer local contractors were pouring the wall at the Rookwood weir site. Michelle Landry, Ken O’Dowd and I fought for years for this project. We got the first funding for it in 2016, and a few years later (after a little bit of kicking and screaming) the Queensland Labor Government came on board. Read more

Schoolyards must be focus on vaping crackdown - Courier Mail

There are way too many drugs in our schools. The Courier Mail has performed a public service this week by highlighting the scourge of vaping that is emerging as a new harmful drug being pushed to our children. Read more

Kids’ vax should be choice - CQ Today

This week Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine was made available in Australia to children aged five to 11 years old. It should remain a parent’s choice whether their children are vaccinated. Our medical system is based on informed consent for the good reason that all medical treatments involve risks. Each individual (or in the case of children the parents or guardian) deserves the right to weigh up these risks and make their own decision. Read more



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