Time to end mandates - CQ Today

Last August the government released coronavirus modelling from the Burnet and Doherty Institutes. This modelling was used to justify ongoing lockdowns and the adoption of a 4 phase plan to open back up. Their modelling predicted that there would be 280,000 coronavirus cases in Australia in the 6 months after we reached an 80 per cent vaccination rate. We reached 80 per cent in November last year and six months later we had recorded 5.9 million cases, not 280,000. They were only out by more than 20 times! Read more

It’s not where Albo travels that worries me - it’s where his head’s at - Courier Mail

Many have been critical of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s globetrotting since the election, but I am not concerned about where Mr Albanese’s feet have landed. It is where our new PM’s head is at that is the issue. Read more

Bad time to go Dutch - CQ Today

Farmers are under attack around the world but especially in the Netherlands at the moment. Despite its small size, the Netherlands is the second largest food exporter in the world. At a time of global food shortages you would imagine that the Dutch Government would be protecting and promoting farming. As the slogan of the Dutch farmers says, "No Farmers, No Food." Read more

Mining sector breaking records at unparalleled pace - CQ Today

Australia's mining sector continues to break more records than Don Bradman. Australia's mining exports have set a new record for every year of the last seven years. New figures released this week show that Australia's resource exports topped $400 billion for the first time last year. Just seven years ago Australia's resource exports were $150 billion. Read more

US Supreme Court rules govt cannot regulate coal power emissions - Courier Mail

With all the focus on the US Supreme Court over abortion, many have missed another decision that has just as much global significance. A week after its momentous overturning of Roe v Wade, the US Supreme Court ruled that a government agency could not regulate the carbon emissions of coal-fired power stations. Read more

Ignorant on abortion law - CQ Today

Like many high profile people, French President Emmanuel Macron decried this week's US Supreme Court decision on abortion, tweeting "Abortion is a fundamental right for all women." Like many Macron was ignorant, wilfully or not, about the basic details of the Supreme Court decision and the abortion law in his own country. Read more

Dams on national agenda - CQ Today

One of the achievements of the LNP Government over the past 9 years was to bring dams back on to the national agenda. When we came to office in 2013 dams was a four letter word. A major, agricultural dam had not been built for a generation. Even before we came to government, Michelle Landry, Ken O'Dowd and I scouted Central and North Queensland for dam sites and we came to government with plans to build them. Read more

Demand for gas sky high - CQ Today

Mister Micawber famously said that the difference between happiness and misery was just one shilling. Australia's gas industry finds itself in a Micawberian state. Queensland's coal seam gas industry produces around 1400 petajoules each year. This is more than double the demand for gas on Australia's east coast. Happiness should be the result. Read more

Energy pie in the sky is great but how do we cook it? - Courier Mail

The saying “pie in the sky” was coined by American labour activist Joe Hill. He penned a song criticising Christian labour activists who, in his view, let people live on “hay” in this life, but promised them “pie in the sky” in the next. For a long time we have been promised our energy version of pie in the sky as long as we just keep investing in renewable energy. Read more

Banks get ‘woke’, trendy - CQ Today

In December last year the Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, convened a virtual summit of Central Bank Governors to discuss ... diversity and inclusion. Even before Christmas it was clear that inflation around the world was out of control. I wrote an article in this paper in late November outlining my concerns. The central job of central banks is to control inflation but they have been distracted in recent years on woke, trendy fads like diversity, pride and climate change. Read more



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