Better late than never - CQ Today

This week the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk finally removed vaccine mandates from pubs, hotels, cafes and related venues. This is great relief to thousands of Queenslanders who have lost their jobs because of these mandates. Many people in Central Queensland attended rallies and protests against them. I was with them from the get go, fighting against these cruel and ineffective laws. The removal of the mandates is a win, albeit a belated one, for all of those who lawfully expressed their opposition. Read more

Gullible net zero fools cripple the West - The Spectator

Labor’s Pat Conroy argued last week that the Australian government’s attitude to climate change had led the Solomon Islands to negotiate a deal with the Chinese government. Right. So because the Solomons don’t think we are doing enough to cool the planet, they are becoming friends with the world’s largest coal producer. This makes perfect sense if you believe in Labor’s defence policy. Read more

Budget provides support - CQ Today

Australia is lucky to have a strong economy, but despite that so many Australian families are doing it tough after petrol price rises and inflation rising. This week the LNP Government delivered a budget that will provide sensible support while still seeking to manage our budget in the face of rising inflationary pressures. Prices are rising for two main reasons. Read more

Queensland to pay for Albo’s new carbon tax - Courier Mail

Less than six months ago the world apparently united at the Glasgow climate conference to end fossil fuels. UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, told the conference that "what we want to do is move beyond hydrocarbons completely in the UK and do it as fast as possible." Now the world is cutting taxes on petrol. Over the past few months the UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Japan, two US states and now Australia have slashed fuel excise. Net zero emissions did not make it from one Christmas to the next. A recent poll found that 9 in 10 Australians would pay no more than just a cup of coffee a fortnight to reach net zero emissions. The scary thing for Australians is that the Labor party has plans to make you pay a lot more than that to meet their mythical goals. Read more

Future depends on coal - CQ Today

This week Australia gifted 70,000 tonnes of coal to Ukraine to help their war effort. We are a long way from this conflict and so cannot provide much direct assistance to Ukraine's brave fight against Russia's barbaric invasion. The best thing we can do to hurt Russia is to produce more coal, oil and gas so that Putin does not make as much money off the inflated commodity prices that are helping to fund his war. Read more

Vital resource in demand: Weir to guarantee supply - CQ Today

It has been a wet summer for large parts of Queensland, and tragically so for many in the south east corner. We have not had massive falls in Central Queensland but there has been enough to get by. Soon though drought will return and we will need water stored in dams and weirs to see us through. Thankfully for us the Rookwood weir, that the Federal and State Governments are funding, will guarantee Central Queensland's water supplies. Read more

Kimberley Kitching blazed a trail for individual political freedom - Courier Mail

If we are ever to restore trust and respect in politicians we need more like Kimberley Kitching. Kimberley was a first term Labor Senator from Victoria. She made an enormous impact in not much time, and last week she sadly passed away from a heart attack at just 52 years old. Read more

Let’s look at all the facts - CQ Today

We are all paying more for petrol because the free world has turned away from developing its resources. Instead, some countries have decided to get their resources from autocratic dictatorships. Now that some of those, like Russia, are acting like dictators we have a massive shortage of almost all key commodities including oil. There is the absurd situation that Europe is unified at opposing Russia's aggression yet it continues to import 40 per cent of its gas from Russia. And this gas is transported to Europe through pipelines that run over the Ukrainian battlefront. Given the higher oil prices, some estimates show that Europe might be paying Russia over $6 billion a week for gas now. Read more

Mandate is a showstopper - CQ Today

It has been a tough few years for agricultural shows. Most shows were cancelled in 2020, a few were able to open last year, but the Brisbane EKKA got unlucky and was cancelled for 2 years running. The Federal Government has helped support shows, showmen and show-women. We have provided over $400,000 in assistance to shows from Yeppoon to Barcaldine, and from Mount Larcom to Alpha. And over $90 million has been provided in assistance around the country. Read more

We’ll be damned if we don’t build dams - Courier Mail

It has been a tough week for many Queenslanders. I know people that have had their homes flooded for the second time in just over a decade and, more tragically, nine Queenslanders have lost their lives. Natural disasters bring out the best in our communities. Thousands of people have helped and our emergency services and defence forces have put themselves in harms way to save lives. For many though the next few months will be tough as the cameras leave and the clean up continues. Read more



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