Foreign-Funder Greenies are happy to block Indigenous jobseekers - The Australian

Aboriginal interests don’t get a look-in as cashed-up cynics work the courts. Last week the leader of a major Australian political party encouraged his supporters to break the law to stop a coalmine. Indeed, he claimed he would be willing to break the law, too. Richard Di ­Natale’s call to arms may have been irresponsible, but it was also premeditated. All part of the plan. Read more

Canavan - Quarterly Essay

I sometimes feel very humbled that so many southern Australians care so much for a quaint little coal mine in the wilds of central Queensland, near where I, and my wife and five children live.  Read more

JOBS BONANZA Mines to fire up North jobs hub - Townsville Bulletin

This has been a historic week for North Queensland. The announcement of Townsville and Rockhampton as Adani’s FIFO hubs is just the medicine that our jobs-hungry region needs. Read more

It's time to take action on Adani - The Courier Mail

IN THE inner-city Brisbane suburb of West End, business is booming. Cranes dot the skyline as new apartment blocks go up and new shops open their doors. That construction boom creates plenty of jobs – in fact, the unemployment rate in Brisbane is 5.8 per cent. Read more

Westpac lies on coal interests - Townsville Bulletin

IN its latest climate change statement, Westpac does not just discriminate against Queensland, they are now lying about it too. In the Townsville Bulletin yesterday a Westpac spokesperson is quoted as saying that "it would be wrong to suggest that (Westpac's climate change policy) is about favouring one state or region over the other." Yet Westpac's media release about its latest climate change policy states plainly that "Financing for any new thermal coal projects [is] limited to existing coal producing basins." That means that the huge Galilee Basin in North Queensland won't attract any finance from Westpac because it is not in an existing basin. Read more

Dale Last - Member for Burdekin - Speech at Bowen Anzac Day Dawn Service

This year I attended the Bowen Anzac Day Dawn Service where Dale Last, the Member for Burdekin, gave a speech to mark 100 years since the the Battle of Beersheba. Read more

ABC’s blind spot on Adani coal mine

The ABC passed an unhappy milestone recently — more than half its staff work from their inner-city Sydney headquarters. Perhaps that is why some of the ABC’s reporting on major issues fails to hear from those who live further away. For example, the ABC’s reporting on coal is, at times, nothing but “fake news”. Read more

It's right to consider Adani's request for loan - Australian Financial Review

On the first day of spring in 1961, Robert Menzies announced that the commonwealth government would provide the NSW government £2.65 million ($73 million in today's dollars) to upgrade coal loading facilities at Newcastle. The investment would support the then fledgling coal trade with Japan. Read more

Coal is essential for keeping the lights on and boosting economy - The Courier Mail

When Australians turn on their Christmas lights this year, on average, 60 per cent of them will rely on coal to power their festive display. Read more

Making the Norther lights shine even brighter - The Australian

The vast north of our country is on track to become a dynamic centre of growth Northern Australia is an economic powerhouse. This breaks with the conventional wisdom of many who assume that northern development has failed in the past. Read more



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