Canavan Supports Inquiry in Green Group's Tax Status

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan has called on people who are interested in defending mining jobs in Central Queensland to get involved in a Parliamentary inquiry into the tax deductions given to environmental organisations. Read more

Commercial Fishing Ban Will Cost CQ Jobs

If the new Labor government is serious about creating jobs in Central Queensland, it will back down on its plan to remove jobs in the commercial fishing sector by shutting down fishing areas, according to Queensland Senator Matt Canavan. Read more

Reef Protests a “Trojan Horse” to Ban Coal Mining

Opposition to the recently-announced Reef 2050 plan is aimed at banning coal mining in Queensland, Senator Matt Canavan said today. Read more

Uranium U-Turn to Cost Billions of Dollars, Thousands of Jobs

Billions of dollars and thousands of jobs will be lost to Queensland because of the State Government’s planned ban on uranium mining. Read more

Tax System Should be More “Family Friendly”, says Canavan

Australia’s income tax system should be made more “family friendly”, according to Queensland Senator Matt Canavan. Read more

Senate Inquiry into Red Meat Processing

The meat processing industry is to be examined by a Senate inquiry.  Rockhampton-based Senator Matt Canavan and Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said the inquiry would focus on the effect of market consolidation on the red meat processing sector. Read more

Canavan Supports Using Superannuation to Buy a Home

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan strongly supports the use of superannuation for young people to buy their own home and has dismissed former PM Paul Keating’s criticism of the idea. Read more

ABC's Relationship with Regional Australia a Long Distance One

Figures released to the Senate Committee on Environment and Communications have revealed that only 14 per cent of ABC journalists are based outside capital cities and 40 per cent are based in Sydney.  Read more

Canavan Favours Divestiture Penalties to Deter Abuse of Market Power

The Competition and Consumer Act should be amended so corporations abusing market power could be broken up, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan argues in a just-published Senate committee report. Read more

Bureau of Meteorology Confirm Severity and Speed of Cyclone Marcia

Officials from the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed the unique acceleration of Tropical Cyclone Marcia from category 1 to category 5 in record time.  Read more



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