Investment in CQ Essential Despite Tough Budget

"When you are trying to pay back the credit card you don't stop paying the kids' school fees" said Matthew Canavan tonight at a dinner in Rockhampton hosted by Capricorn Enterprise. "We have big mess to fix up in Canberra but if we don't keep investing in places like Central Queensland then what we will be left with will resemble something like the Augean stables. Read more

Vale Graeme Acton

It is extremely sad to hear of the untimely passing of Graeme Acton.  Read more

Why Beef Must be the 'Real Meat' in Northern Australia Sandwich

Beef must get top billing as the ‘real meat’ in Northern Australia’s future capacity to satisfy the world’s appetite for increased food production.        That was the message heard at the North Australia Beef Research Council conference in Rockhampton today. Read more

Thoughts and Prayers with Graeme Acton and his Family

It saddens me greatly to hear that beef producer Graeme Acton has been seriously injured in an accident at Clarke Creek. My thoughts and prayers are with Graeme and his family as I wish him a recovery from this terrible accident.  Read more

Ben & Jerry's Referred to ACCC

Senator-elect Matthew Canavan has asked the ACCC to investigate the American ice-cream company, Ben & Jerry's, for a potential breach of Australia's consumer laws. The request follows revelations last week that Ben & Jerry's have been conducting a promotional "Reef Scoop Tour" campaigning against coal port developments in Queensland. Read more

Ben & Jerry's Leaves Bad Taste in QLD's Mouth

An American ice-cream company is putting jobs in Central Queensland at risk by spreading mistruths on the Great Barrier Reef said Senator-Elect Matthew Canavan today. Read more

New LNP Senator to be Based in Rockhampton

New LNP Senator-elect Matthew Canavan will base his office permanently in Rockhampton – building on a strong history of LNP Senators making the city a home-base for constituents. Read more

Interest Rate Concessions Needed in Response to Drought

Incoming Senator for Queensland, Matthew Canavan, has called for larger concessions on loans to farmers struggling with drought. Read more

Queensland Senate Election Results

It is a great honour to have been elected to represent Queensland. Read more

First Senator Elected from Toowoomba Likely

Early election results indicate that Matthew Canavan could be the first Senator elected from Toowoomba.  Read more



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