Land Court Decision on Adani Welcomed

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan has welcomed the decision in favour of the Adani coal mine project in the Land Court today. Read more

“Effect Test” Needed for Supermarket Competition

The ACCC’s action against Coles shows that we need an “effects test” to curb anti-competitive behaviour, Senator Matt Canavan said today. Read more

Quilpie Should Receive Drought Funding

Quilpie Shire should be eligible for funding under the Federal Government’s $35-million Drought Communities Program (DCP), Senator Matt Canavan and Gregory MLA Lachlan Millar said today. Read more

Name-Calling Labor Minister Should Apologise

Queensland LNP Senator Matthew Canavan has called on Queensland Labor's Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Bill Byrne, to apologise to Queensland canegrowers after unfairly slurring them by calling them 'militants' yesterday. Read more

Kidman Deal Confirms Need to Close Foreign Investment Loopholes

Queensland LNP Senator Matthew Canavan has welcomed yesterday’s announcement that the Government has rejected the sale of S. Kidman & Co as the right one, but he also warned that it highlighted the urgent need to close a major loophole in Australia’s foreign investment arrangements as soon as possible. Read more

Labor-Greens Alliance Delays Queensland Mining Jobs

Evidence presented to a federal parliamentary committee shows that Labor and the Greens are responsible for the “snake and skink” delay to the Carmichael Mine Project, holding up 10,000 jobs in Central Queensland for perhaps a year or more.  Read more

Government MPs Dissent From Same-Sex Marriage Report

A dissenting report of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee has found that a private member’s bill to legislate for same sex marriage fails to protect fundamental human rights. Read more

Time to Crack Down on Green Activism

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan has condemned court action announced by environmental activists today set to further delay development of the Carmichael coal mine. Read more

Federal Government Today Delivers Green Light to Adani and Local Jobs

Two key Central Queensland Federal MPs have welcomed today’s announcement that the Adani coal mining project has received Commonwealth environmental approval. Read more

Grants Commission "Need a Kick Up the Backside"

The Commonwealth Grants Commission need a kick up the backside, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan told the Senate today. Read more



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