More Progress on Rookwood Weir Means More Pressure for Bill Shorten and Labor

Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan says the latest step in the approvals process for the Rookwood Weir puts pressure on Bill Shorten and Labor to come clean on their position on water infrastructure.

On Saturday, the Queensland Coordinator-General released additional information on the Rookwood Weir’s environmental impact statement for public consultation. (Note: Queensland Government media release follows below.)

Senator Canavan said he welcomed progress and release of new information on the project but, at the same time, this State Government announcement should compel Bill Shorten to come clean on his plans for dams in Queensland.

“This announcement reinforces the State Government’s commitment to facilitate the development of the Rookwood Weir on the Fitzroy River in Central Queensland.

“In the past week, the Turnbull Government has committed $130 million towards this project, because the Coalition recognises the importance of affordable water for creating jobs and growing regional communities.

“Across the country, we are delivering more than half a billion dollars in grants, and a further $2 billion in concessional loans to support the construction of new water infrastructure.

“Development of Rookwood Weir alone has the potential to create more than 2,000 new jobs in Central Queensland and double the Fitzroy River Catchment’s agricultural production.

“The Coalition has a strong track record supporting investment in water infrastructure.

“On the other hand, we have Bill Shorten and the Labor Party refusing to commit to a position on this vital water infrastructure.

“Labor’s water spokesman Mark Butler has refused to tell Queensland voters the ALP’s position on dam and water projects in the state – despite being asked three times on national television.

“It’s time for Bill Shorten and Mark Butler to come clean with Queensland voters.

“Will they support the Coalition’s plan to develop water infrastructure to stimulate jobs and growth in Queensland, in particular the Rookwood Weir?

“Or will they again bend over backwards to the extremist environmental movement to protect inner-city electorates under threat from the Greens?”

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