Would the Labor Party have the Guts to Build Dams in Queensland?

The federal Labor party needs to come clean on its position on developing Queensland's water resources, Northern Australia Minister Matt Canavan said today.
“It would appear they have already ‘gone to water’ on dams,” Senator Canavan said today.

“The Coalition yesterday announced ambitious plans to fund 14 water projects across the State, including $130 million towards the construction of the Rookwood Weir.
“This project alone could deliver 2,100 jobs, double agricultural production in the Fitzroy basin and help drought-proof the towns of Central Queensland.
“As one newspaper report confirmed yesterday, ‘Federal Labor would not give a clear position’ on the project. Instead, Labor's water spokesman spoke of ‘water efficiency’ and ‘best possible utilisation of … water resources’. That reads like code for ‘do nothing’.”
“Labor has given the cold shoulder to Central Queensland by not backing a project that is supported by local governments and the community. It once again proves that Labor only has a plan to raise taxes and spend more money, not make the investments needed to create jobs.
“Only a Coalition government has the ticker to finally get on and build dams. You can't trust Labor to do that.”
Senator Canavan said yesterday’s announcement on projects in Queensland was the start of a rollout of $2.5 billion for water infrastructure.
“An initial $19.8 million has been announced to fast-track 14 feasibility assessments and business case developments across Queensland. That includes $2 million to complete the Rookwood Weir business case and a commitment for 50% of the construction costs – up to $130 million – if the business case meets all the necessary requirements, as expected.”

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