What Did the Nationals Ever Do For Us?

Senator Matt Canavan has ridiculed independent MP Bob Katter’s criticism of the new Liberal-Nationals Coalition agreement.

“I’m happy to compare the Nationals’ achievements for the people of rural and regional Queensland against Bob’s anytime,” Senator Canavan said. “Bob talks a big game but this week the Nationals achieved more in two hours than Bob has in 20 years.
“People in the bush know the measure of a man isn’t what he says – it’s what he does.”
Mr Katter claimed this week that the new Coalition agreement – reached after Malcolm Turnbull became Liberal leader and Prime Minister – had “sold out” rural and regional Australia.
“Nationals leader Warren Truss negotiated a new Coalition agreement with Malcolm Turnbull that will underpin the relationship between the Liberal and National parties in government.
“Guarantees include maintaining the existing policies in relation to climate change, carbon taxes and emissions reduction targets, transferring responsibility for the water policy outcomes of the Department of Environment and the Murray Darling Basin Authority to the Agriculture portfolio, a new jobs program in areas of high regional unemployment, commitment to inland rail, support for our dams policy, and increasing Family Tax Benefit Part B payments to stay at home parent families with a child below the age of one.
“The Nationals are delivering for regional Australia and will continue to deliver for regional families, businesses and communities,” Senator Canavan said. “It’s the Nationals who have been delivering for the people in his electorate of Kennedy.
“Bob chose to go independent and isn’t in a position to deliver anything for anyone. I know he was a great supporter of Kevin Rudd when he was Prime Minister and I would welcome Bob telling us how that helped anyone in Kennedy.
“The Nationals are responsible for getting billions of dollars committed to spending that will directly help people in rural and regional Australia, including the seat of Kennedy. What’s Bob ever done?”

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