Unspoken high price of ‘zero’ mission is a telling silence - CQ Today

For most newspapers, news reporting is not really a thing anymore, so it was no surprise to see the nations News Limited papers be devoted to advertising in favour of what they termed "mission zero" this week. Their goal was to convince people of the merit of signing up to a net zero emissions goal. After reading through the propaganda, I was almost convinced to change my mind, after all, by the way it was pitched, I should be receiving a new set of steak knives if I did.

Removing all use of coal, gas, oil, cattle (they produce emissions too) is such a monumental task that will cost a fortune. But nowhere in the propaganda did it describe what this cost would be. The "economic analysis" only described potential jobs in new industries, some of which do not currently exist like hydrogen electricity. There was not even an attempt to estimate the costs of making such a huge change to our economy.

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