Support for Country of Origin Labelling

Australia's farmers and food manufacturers are under pressure. We all want to support our farmers and workers by buying local products, but our current country of origin labelling is too confusing.

In fact, consumer advocacy group Choice found that 90 per cent of Australians are not clear on where their food comes from. We will remove the confusion by establishing clear labels for country of origin. I fully support the words I just read out. They are actually the words from the Australian Greens website. It is their policy. It is from their website.

Later on in the website they go on to say that the National Party has said that it will champion clearer laws but has failed to act. We are acting. We have acted. I applaud the government for acting. I am not sure if the Greens already have voted with us on this, but I hope that they do, because normally the put partisan politics ahead of principles, but this time they have a chance to vote with their principles and not continue their unenviable record of only supporting the government two per cent of the time.

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