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I agree with Annastacia Palaszczuk. The last thing Queensland needs is a change of direction, but it is the Labor party that is trying to change the direction of Queensland.

The Brisbane-centric, Labor-Greens Queensland government has been trying to conduct radical surgery to change Queensland’s identity. Labor has spent five years denigrating our coal industry, imposing massive new regulations on farmers and letting crime spiral out of control.

Our identity as Queenslanders is entwined with what we produce. We are banana benders, we watch lightning crack over cane fields, it was a Queensland shearer that grabbed the jumbuck and our national airline starts with the letter ‘Q’. We mine coal, copper, gas, and bauxite. We make aluminium and zinc. And we grow cattle, cotton, grains and sheep. The lights would go out if it was not for the surplus of coal-fired power we create in Queensland.

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