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Last Monday, I left home early to make a 9.30am meeting with Mayor Jack Dempsey in Bundaberg. Things were on track until, just after Miriam Vale, I missed the turn-off to the shortcut and lost about 20 minutes.

I am good mates with Jack so he understood, and we still found time to catch up, but how is it that the back roads are quicker than sticking to the main highway?

The federal government has spent over $10 billion on the Bruce in recent years. Our state is no longer cut in two when the Yeppen floods. Yet there remain large parts of the Bruce that goats would struggle to walk. The LNP’s promise to build a four-lane Bruce Highway is the right call so that we can have a world class road linking the north and south of our state. The most important economic thing we can do is to build things that last so that our efforts deliver jobs and opportunities to our children. In Bundaberg, I met with irrigators impacted by the negligent construction of the Paradise Dam.

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