Removing Negative Gearing is a Tax Increase

Do you ever get the feeling around this place that it does not matter what question is before this chamber or what issue we are discussing, the answer that comes back from the Greens, every time, is 'More taxes; higher taxes'? Read more

North Australia Could Solve Housing Affordability Problem

I want to speak tonight about the affordability of housing in Australia. It is certainly something that I am passionate about myself, having been a first home buyer post the house price boom that we experienced at the beginning of this century. Read more

Renewable Energy Amendment Bill 2015

You can tell that the Greens do not have a lot of experience running businesses because their prescription for job creation and greater economic activity is to find the most expensive way of doing something. It is not in dispute that renewable energy is more expensive. Read more

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation

Thank you for that, Mr Acting Deputy President, so I will keep my remarks to three or four minutes. It is great to follow Senator McKenzie, who is so knowledgeable on this bill and, as she outlined, had chaired an inquiry into this bill. Read more

Federal Budget 2015

I am a bit confused, because I do not think the opposition know where they are heading with this budget. They do not particularly want to talk about last night's budget, they want to talk about last year's budget.  Read more

Beef Australia 2015

I would like to spend a short moment this evening to pay tribute to the organisers of Beef Australia 2015. This year it was held in Rockhampton, last week. Read more

Affordable Housing Report

It is a great honour to rise to speak tonight about this report that I had some time on as a committee member. I also want to recognise your efforts, Mr Acting Deputy President, as the Deputy Chair on this inquiry. Read more

First Home Buyers Access to Superannuation

Mr President, it looks like you need something to wake you up, so I thought I would rise to my feet to help you. No offence there, Senator Xenophon. Read more

National Disability Insurance Scheme Funding

Through you, Mr Deputy President, what I think is a disgrace is that the Australian Labor Party are abusing the vulnerabilities of parents of children with disabilities to say things that are simply not true. There is a disability loading right now. Read more

Condolence Motion: The Right Honourable John Malcolm Fraser

I too would like to contribute to this condolence debate on the passing of the Rt. Hon. Malcolm John Fraser. It is the first condolence debate which I have contributed to, and I made a decision to do so because I have always been fascinated by the very challenging views that Malcolm Fraser held throughout his life. Read more



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