Secret plot shows Shorten continues to sell-out coal jobs for CQ families

A secret plot by Labor leader Bill Shorten to revoke Adani’s coal licence - should he become Prime Minister - would sabotage jobs for local families, CQ federal MPs warned today.

Rockhampton-based Federal Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan and Capricornia MP Michelle Landry said media revelations by businessman Geoff Cousins that Mr Shorten asked for his help to draft a policy to ‘kill off Adani’, were shocking.

Senator Canavan said headlines like ‘Coal-hearted Shorten’ proved that Labor was selling out local coal jobs and future opportunities for small business owners in Central Queensland.

“Bill Shorten continues to show his true colours when it comes to selling out jobs for Central Queensland coal families in order to appease Green voters in the big cities,” Senator Canavan said.

“It’s reported today that Bill Shorten was secretly plotting to revoke Adani’s Carmichael coal licence - should the project get up - if he became Prime Minister. That would be devastating for local councils and cause the loss of thousands of potential jobs in Central Qld.

“Even Rockhampton Mayor Margaret Strelow – who put her hand up for Labor pre-selection – supports the Carmichael mine and the benefits it would bring to our region.”

Senator Canavan said it was time for workers in Central Queensland to realise that Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are running scared of The Greens and have effectively abandoned local coal mining families once and for all.

“This was their traditional area, but it’s crystal clear that Labor has turned their back on coal families, big time. Projects like Carmichael are vital for the long term growth and investment of Central Queensland – which ultimately means more jobs for local families.”

Michelle Landry backed the Minister’s observations.

“Labor used to be a party that supported workers – especially in the coal belt - now they take their orders from ‘watermelon Greenies’,” Ms Landry said

“Bill Shorten is willing to sell out the jobs of hard-working Central Queenslanders in order to appease these latte-sipping overlords.

“He says one thing when he’s with Greenies and entirely another thing when he is with coal workers; Shorten cannot be trusted at his word and he cannot be trusted with fostering the future economic growth and job creation for Central Queensland,” she warned.



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