Ron Boswell - A Champion Queenslander

Ron Boswell has delivered a fitting conclusion to a stellar Senate career in his valedictory speech to the Senate tonight Senator-elect for Queensland, Matthew Canavan, says. 

"Ron Boswell is a champion of the bush, a champion for primary industries, a champion for small business and a champion Queenslander. His speech tonight summed up a 31 year career in a fitting way. He will go down as a tough, fair, respectful, honourable and successful Senator for Queensland" said Matthew Canavan.

Senator-elect Canavan will replace Senator Ron Boswell in the Senate when Ron retires on 30 June after more than 31 years of service, the sixth longest serving Senator in Australian history.

"Ron's career is not summed up by his longevity, it is summed up by his victories. He has protected Australian fishermen and beef producers from the Greens, he has enacted stronger protections for small businesses and he has stood up for family values.

"I am awed and humbled at the prospect of following such a pathbreaking example. I can not hope to replace Ron but I will do my best to emulate his dignified approach to civic service.

"I wish Ron and his family all the best in his retirement. He can look forward to spending more time with his beautiful wife, children and grandchildren with the contentment that only comes to those that have made a difference."

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