Report Proves Labor's Carbon Tax Would Kill Off CQ Jobs

AN ALP report proves that Labor’s planned new carbon tax would devastate hundreds of jobs in Central Queensland and drive up household power bills, three federal Coalition MPs warned today.

In a joint statement,  Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry, Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd, and Rockhampton-based Senator Matt Canavan said that Labor's carbon tax would “cut a swathe” through families, businesses and communities across Central Queensland.

They were speaking after revelations that 2013 modelling commissioned by the then Labor Government showed its new policy to cut carbon emissions by 40 to 60% by 2030 would strip up to $600 million from economic growth, drive up the cost of electricity, close up to 37 power stations and slash thousands of jobs.

“Labor will drive up electricity costs in the homes of hard-working Australian families and seniors; and will kill of coal jobs here. Labor must have known this impact when it adopted its new version of the carbon tax,” Ms Landry said. “Labor must now fess up to the terrible repercussions of their policy here in Central Queensland.

"Labor's newly selected candidate for Capricornia must come clean and tell families how much their power bills will skyrocket; tell the local butcher how much his escalating power bill will further add to the cost of running his business; how many coal jobs will be lost and how many meat processing jobs in Rockhampton could be axed under the Labor carbon tax plan. Clearly, Labor’s plan would devastate CQ communities.”

Mr O’Dowd said all businesses in the region, and especially mining and mineral processing operations, would be impacted by Labor’s carbon tax.

“Economic activity would plunge in the Rockhampton and Gladstone area under this policy. Some of the figures in this report show gross domestic product could be $100 billion a year lower than it would have been by 2030.

"Most of the jobs lost because of a carbon tax would be lost in regional Australia because that is where most of Australia's mining, manufacturing and power generation jobs are,” Mr O’Dowd said. “Our region would be hit especially hard.”

Senator Canavan also called on Labor to immediately come clean over the impact of their carbon tax policy on electricity prices, businesses, families and jobs.  

"Labor wants to shut down coal-fired power generation in Australia. That policy alone will cost thousands of jobs that rely on the coal mining sector and the cheap energy it provides.

"People deserve straight talk: Labor’s new carbon tax will devastate the Australian economy, hit Central Queensland hardest of all, and put thousands of breadwinners on to the dole. It’s madness.”

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