Sky News PM Agenda 8 February 2016

Senator Canavan discusses the GST and the National's leadership.

Sky News PM Agenda 10 November 2015

Senator Canavan discussing same sex marriage issues and the GST to 15%.

Sky News AM Agenda 24 October 2015

Senator Canavan discussing infrastructure spending, the tax base and same sex marriage. 

Sky News To The Point 16 September 2015

Senator Canavan discussing the new Coalition agreement.

ABC News Breakfast 16 September 2015

Senator Canavan discusses the advantages of moving the responsibility for water policy and the Murray Darling Basin Authority back to the Agriculture Minister under the new Coalition deal. 

Sky News - The Nation 27 August 2015

Senator Matthew Canavan joins host Kieren Gilbert and other guests John Roskam, Ged Kearney and Senator Doug Cameron to discuss current events.

Sky News To The Point 15 July 2015

Senator Matthew Canavan discusses Barnaby Joyce MP and Coal Mines v. Farmland.

Mornings with Steve Austin 14 July 2015

Senator Canavan discusses why environmental organisations should be audited and stripped of tax-deductibility status for public donations if they break the rules. 

Lateline 29 June 2015

Senator Canavan calls for better access to overseas markets for the Australian Sugar Industry in the Trans Pacific Partnership

Today on Sunday 21 June 2015

Senator Canavan and Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO, David Ritter discuss Great Barrier Reef advertising on Today on Sunday



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