Mining 2016 Resources Convention

It is fantastic to be here as the new Resources Minister to address your conference. I am a new Minister but I am not new to the resources sector. I am based up in Rockhampton so I know how important the mining sector is to regional economies. Sometimes it is a case of you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Read more

Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility launch

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen welcome to the launch of the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility. In particular, I would like to recognise my colleague Warren Entsch who has played such a big part in delivering our agenda for the north, including in his role as Chair of the Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia. It is great to be here on what is an exciting day for the north and an exciting day for Cairns. Cairns is a wonderful place and, of course, today its most well known industry is tourism, but it has a richer history. Read more

Northern Australia Food Futures Program (Darwin)

In 1968, a successful mining magnate, Clive Foyster, had a vision to develop farming in far north Queensland. He saw great potential at a property called Lakeland Downs – 80 kilometres southwest of Cooktown. A Japanese investor was found, a grain storage facility and wharf were constructed and a new town was established, growing to a size of 200 people. The Queensland Government even established a school.  Read more

Etheridge Economic Development Forum (Georgetown)

I want to thank you for inviting me to speak here today and I am very chuffed that I am able to give my first speech as Minister for Northern Australia, in Northern Australia, in Georgetown.  Read more

Tax Justice for Families (Melbourne)

I want to say upfront I support traditional marriage and I support it more now that I did just a few years ago when I got involved in politics. I got into politics because I am economist and I care about creating a strong economy to provide jobs and opportunities to all Australians. I want all Australians to have the ability to own their own home, establish their own business or start their own family. Read more

InnovationCAFE Speech (Brisbane)

I have been asked to talk a little bit about productivity this morning and how we can foster more of it.  I want to start by comparing two recent innovations and how we treat them. Read more

ANZAC Day Address 2015 (Mount Chalmers)

From conception to evacuation, the Gallipoli campaign lasted just over a year. In late December 2014, the Russian Tsar Nicholas II asked the British Government for a diversion to help relieve pressure from Ottoman troops in the Caucasus. A War Council meeting in London on 2 January 1915 resolved to help and Lord Kitchener sent a telegram to St Petersburg promising to “make a demonstration against the Turks.”  Read more

The Government's Policy Agenda for Regional Australia (Mackay)

Thank you very much for having me to speak at the Regional Capitals Australia Conference 2015. Read more

Rural Debt Speech at Australian Property Institute Conference (Rockhampton)

It’s a great pleasure to have been invited to speak at the Australian Property Institute Rural Queensland Property conference. I note that my speech has been titled “Rural Debt Crisis”. Up front I want to say that I did not choose the title but I have used those words before. Sometimes that has generated a debate whether it really is a crisis. Read more

Transport Fuels and Energy Security (Canberra)

Thank you Professor Chubb and I would like to acknowledge you as our Chief Scientist. I would also like to acknowledge and congratulate Professor Robert Clark and Dr Mark Thomson on a fine book that I will of course have more to say on soon. Read more



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