Normal service resumes: Labor sides with foreign owned company over farmers

The Queensland Labor Government has again confirmed the extent to which it will abandon regional Queensland, by continuing to side with a foreign owned company over sugar producers in North Queensland.

Central Queensland-based Senator Matthew Canavan says the State Labor Government is trying to distract Queenslanders from their failure to resolve the dispute between foreign-owned company Wilmar and Queensland Sugar Limited.

“Cane growers are sick of Labor’s political games over sugar marketing, and just want a resolution to this long running dispute,” Senator Canavan said.

“Wilmar is unreasonably holding out in its negotiations with QSL, holding 1,500 growers to ransom.

“This is not just an issue for cane growers in North Queensland. It is affecting local businesses and jobs right across the region.

“By pushing for mandatory arbitration, the State LNP is the only party taking real leadership on this issue, to bring this fight to an end.

“Queensland Labor wants to bring more uncertainty over crushing by playing political games with the Productivity Commission’s report into the regulation of agriculture.

“That very same draft report found tree clearing bans, which Labor want to implement, will hurt farmers and stymie agricultural development in North Queensland.

“Labor’s proposed vegetation management laws will effectively see a force of tree-police roaming Queensland farms, checking what’s happening on those properties.

“Given Bill Byrne’s interest in the Productivity Commission’s report, will he now back down from his Government’s draconian vegetation management laws?”

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