Land Court Decision on Adani Welcomed

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan has welcomed the decision in favour of the Adani coal mine project in the Land Court today.

“This project is vital for growth in the Central Queensland economy, especially for future jobs for families in the region,” the Rockhampton-based Senator said.

“The Land Court case was another legal roadblock thrown up by environmentalists who simply want to stop all coal exports from Australia.

“Wilful use of ‘lawfare’ cases with little chance of success is a misuse of the legal system.

“I have some sympathy for Adani suggesting special legislation to protect it from further legal challenges when anti-mining activists have spelt out a deliberate campaign to delay and disrupt development of coal projects through legal challenges. I can understand their frustration.”

Senator Canavan said hearing of all challenges to mining projects should be expedited so developments could proceed and start providing much-needed income and jobs to Queensland.

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