Labor Party Should Not Discriminate on Which Witch

Palmer United Party Senator Glenn Lazarus today is proposing a Senate inquiry into the Queensland LNP Government that is a political witch hunt and an abuse of the Senate's powers. 

Glenn gave a good first speech last night but it is a shame that his first political act is to engage in a political witch hunt, not working for the people of Queensland.

Regrettably, the Labor Party look like supporting this egregious inquiry. I call on Labor to, at the very least; amend the inquiry’s terms of reference such that this is an equal opportunity political witch hunt.

The Senate should not discriminate on which witch it decides to inquire into. If there is to be an inquiry into Queensland Governments, it should certainly inquire into the performance of the former Labor State Government.

That Government presided over financial malpractice on an enormous scale. Billions were wasted on a nurse pay scandal, and a fake Tahitian Prince was able to get away with stealing more than $10 million.

This inquiry is only supported by one side of politics into another side of politics. It will be an inquiry that is illegitimate from birth.

3 September 2014

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