Greenpeace: Breaking The Law, That's Just The Way We Roll

Greenpeace has taken to the airwaves to confirm Senator Matt Canavan’s claim it repeatedly and blatantly breaks the law.

Asked on radio on Tuesday if Greenpeace’s range of tactics included breaking the law, a Greenpeace spokesperson replied: “Absolutely.”
“Greenpeace is saying: ‘Breaking the law – that’s just the way we roll’,” Senator Canavan said today. “It confirms Greenpeace is deliberately breaking the law and confirms they don’t deserve to hold tax-deductible status for donations they receive from the public.”
On Tuesday, Greenpeace political advisor Ms Jessica Panegyes was interviewed on ABC Radio National. Asked to respond to Senator Canavan’s statement that Greenpeace regularly broke the law in environmental protests, Ms Panegyes said: “The job of Greenpeace is to protect the environment, and that’s what we do. The tens of thousands of Australians who regularly donate to Greenpeace every month recognise and support that we employ a range of tactics to do that.”

Q: “And that range of tactics includes breaking the law?”
A: “Absolutely. When necessary. Greenpeace employs a range of different activities in our mission to protect the environment. Sometimes, when necessary, that includes taking peaceful direct action.”

Senator Canavan said: “If tens of thousands of Australians want to donate to Greenpeace, I have no problem with that. But millions and millions of other Australians should not be forced to subsidise those donations, the way they do now.
“In 2014, Greenpeace Australia received $19.4 million in tax-deductible donations and that means around $6 million in reduced tax for donors courtesy of all Australian taxpayers.”

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