Green lawfare threatens growth - Queensland Country Life

WHEN the Coalition announced a plan to create farming jobs in Queensland by investing in 14 dam and water projects across the State, the response from environmental groups was swift. The greenies oppose it.

The Greens oppose everything: no dams, no farms, no mines, no fishing, no factories and not even most tourism developments.

A couple of years ago, a greenies' strategy document was leaked. The tactics it revealed are not subtle: 'The first priority is to get in front of the critical projects to slow them down in the approval process. This means lodging legal challenges ... "

We should not let our legal system be clogged with what are frivolous and vexatious claims by green groups. This "lawfare" is now a risk to increasing Queensland's farming sector and jobs by blocking investment in dams and water resources.

The people of North Queensland want to protect the environment but they also want jobs - and they want a stronger farming sector.

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