Federal Court decision on Queensland Shark Control Program

We note yesterday’s Federal Court decision in relation to shark control measures within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.  We are concerned about the decision’s implications for the protection of human life in the Great Barrier Reef and the health of the tourism industry in North Queensland.

As Liberal National Party Members of Parliament we remain united in putting the safety of human life first and supporting our great tourism industry in North and Central Queensland. We are currently reviewing the implications of the decision and what might be the appropriate response.

Our number one priority is - and always will be - the protection of human life.

We support the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's permission granted to the Queensland Government on 2 June 2017 for the Queensland Government to implement a shark control program.

The use of drum lines and other techniques have been used for decades and they have saved lives

People are looking for a solution and all levels of Government should work towards the protection of human life.

We will fight to ensure that proven, lifesaving measures can remain in use to help ensure the safety of everyone enjoying Central and North Queensland’s beautiful coastline.



SENATOR THE HON MATTHEW CANAVAN - Minister for Resources and Northern Australia

WARREN ENTSCH – Federal Member for Leichhardt

PHILLIP THOMPSON - Federal Member for Herbert

GEORGE CHRISTENSEN - Federal Member for Dawson

THE HON MICHELLE LANDRY - Federal Member for Capricornia

KEN O’DOWD - Federal Member for Flynn

THE HON KEITH PITT – Federal Member for Hinkler

LLEW O’BRIEN – Federal Member for Wide Bay

TED O’BRIEN – Federal Member for Fairfax

ANDREW WALLACE – Federal Member for Fisher

TERRY YOUNG – Federal Member for Longman

THE HON LUKE HOWARTH - Federal Member for Petrie

SUSAN McDONALD - Senator for Queensland

SENATOR THE HON JAMES McGRATH - Senator for Queensland

AMANDA STOKER - Senator for Queensland

PAUL SCARR – Senator for Queensland

GERARD RENNICK – Senator for Queensland

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