Don’t mess with Australia Day

Central Queensland coalition MPs have warned the Greens and Labor to ‘get out of the face’ of most Australians and ‘not to mess with Australia Day’.

They have also questioned if the Yeppoon Beach Party – one of CQ’s biggest Australia Day events - could be under threat by the Greens push.

Capricornia MP Michelle Landry says a move by The Greens to change the date of Australia Day shows ‘they are out of touch with real families’ in regional Queensland.

And she’s urged Queenslanders to help save Australia Day by signing an on-line petition

The Greens generally represent the rich, entitled, inner-city latte-sipper who would rather paint around the edges than deal with the real barriers to closing the gap,” Ms Landry said.

“Aboriginal disadvantage is a blight on our society but it most certainly will not be addressed by virtue signals designed to make the elite feel better about themselves.

“We as a government are determined to deal with the things that will make a real difference to the opportunities young aboriginal people can access.

“While ever we continue to see school attendance, literacy and numeracy, employment, and health outcomes for indigenous Australians fall far behind the rest of the population, these must be a top priority for us to address as a nation,” Ms Landry said, “none of these will be improved by changing the date of a holiday.”

Federal Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan echoed Ms Landry’s call to keep Australia day on January 26.

"If you offered the Greens an ‘all expenses’ paid holiday to the Caribbean they'd still find something to complain about. These guys are professional whingers,” Senator Canavan said.

"We should have one day of the year that we can celebrate what a great country we are. Australia is not perfect but we are one of the most harmonious, peaceful and prosperous nations in world history. We should be proud of that and we should find one day to come together to celebrate that.

"I think it is a shame that it is only Coalition MPs that are championing this day. We don't hear much from the Labor side which is a shame. I think the Labor party hide a secret shame about Australia which is exposed at times like this when they fail to stand up for Australian values." the Rockhampton-based Senator said.

The MPs urged Queenslanders to help save Australia Day by signing up to an on-line petition at: and leaving comments on Facebook


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