Commercial Fishing Ban Will Cost CQ Jobs

If the new Labor government is serious about creating jobs in Central Queensland, it will back down on its plan to remove jobs in the commercial fishing sector by shutting down fishing areas, according to Queensland Senator Matt Canavan.

“I support the new member for Keppel's drive to reduce payroll tax. Indeed, at the last state election the LNP policy was to lift the threshold before small businesses have to pay payroll tax from $1.1 million to $1.4 million,” Senator Canavan said.
However, Senator Canavan is of the opinion there is something more immediate that can be done to create jobs.
“The proposed ban on commercial net fishing in certain areas is a ludicrous, purely political move that will cause local families to lose their livelihoods.  Labor has announced this policy without proper industry consultation.  There is no evidence it will improve the environment or increase fish numbers however; it will have a very real impact upon local jobs and the economy.”
Senator Canavan believes that Yeppoon remains an important commercial fishing centre. 
“The area has already been hit by one natural disaster; we don’t need a government imposed disaster on top.  There is no reason why a strong commercial fishing industry can’t continue to coexist with a vibrant recreational fishing resource at Yeppoon,” he said.
“It's already hard enough to buy Australian seafood at the shops. We currently import more than 70 per cent of our seafood needs despite having the world’s third largest ocean territory.
“Australians want to eat more Australian seafood, not seafood from overseas. Labor’s plan will make it harder for Central Queenslanders to eat local seafood.”

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