Canavan Thanks Queenslander's for Support

Senator Matt Canavan has thanked Queenslanders for re-electing him to the Senate for a second term.

The Australian Electoral Commission said today the count for the election of 12 Senators for Queensland had been completed and announced the successful candidates.

“I value the trust that Queenslanders have placed in me to represent them in the Senate,” he said. “This is a very great honour.

“I am also humbled to have been appointed Minister for Resources and Northern Australia in the re-elected Coalition Government. In this portfolio,

"I look forward to working with communities and businesses to create an even stronger resources sector and continue moving forward with the development of Northern Australia, both of which will provide jobs and growth throughout our nation.”

Senator Canavan added his thanks to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly during the recent lengthy election campaign.

“Candidates cannot be elected without the help of hard-working volunteers. I want to thank everyone who assisted on the election campaign for the LNP, whether you were there stuffing envelopes for letter-boxing, handing out how-to-vote cards at polling booths or any of the other vital jobs in the election campaign. This win could not have been possible without your help and dedication.”

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