Canavan Supports Inquiry in Green Group's Tax Status

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan has called on people who are interested in defending mining jobs in Central Queensland to get involved in a Parliamentary inquiry into the tax deductions given to environmental organisations.

“I welcome today’s news that the Carmichael Mine project is one step closer to delivering 10,000 jobs for Central Queensland,” said Senator Canavan

“Many would know that activist green groups have fought tooth and nail to stop this project and prevent true jobs coming to Central Queensland.

“Many would not know that the same activist organisations qualify for tax payer support through tax deductibility status for donations they receive. 

“These groups have every right to have their say but I question why they should receive taxpayer support. 

“Green groups need to be subject to the same accountability as other sectors.” 

There are almost 600 green groups on the Register of Environmental Organisations receiving tax deductibility status which help fund their activities.  Most of them are engaged in practical, environmental work however, between 100 to 150 organisations on the register have as their primary purpose, to stop the development of mining, agriculture and tourism industries. 

“It appears they are engaging in purely political, not environmental activities,” according to Senator Canavan. 

“It’s concerning that Australian taxpayers, including those who work in these industries, are asked to fund such activities.”

Senator Canavan is supporting the current House of Representatives inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations and invites interested parties to make submissions addressing the terms of reference by 21 May 2015.

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