Canavan: “Higher Education Changes Mean Greater Fairness”

The Coalition Government’s planned higher education changes deliver greater fairness to all students and taxpayers, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan said today.

Speaking ahead of a forum on higher education at CQ University tonight, Senator Canavan said the reforms provided great opportunities for rural and regional students.

“For the first time, all higher-education students will be able to access government loans. It shouldn’t matter whether you get to wear a gown at the end of your qualifications. Everyone should benefit from government support.

“The extra support will be funded by allowing universities to set their own prices. At the moment, the average student pays around 40% of the cost and taxpayers pick up the rest. Under the changes, students will pay around half and taxpayers the other half. On average, someone with a university degree will earn about $1 million more in their working life than someone without a degree, so that seems like a fair deal.

“The Government will also require universities and other higher education providers to direct $1 in every $5 of additional revenue raised to Commonwealth scholarships for disadvantaged students, which will especially help students from regional Australia.”

13 August 2014

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