Canavan heads to Japan for resources and energy talks

Promoting trade and investment opportunities linked to Australia’s high quality resources sector will headline the agenda during a two-day visit to Japan by Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan.

Minister Canavan is in Japan to attend a series of conferences and hold high level meetings with resource industry leaders and Ministerial counterparts, with a focus on promoting the strengths and potential of Australia’s resources and energy sector.

“Australia and Japan share a long and important trading relationship that benefits both countries. This is an ideal time to highlight our top quality resources and energy sector on the world stage,” Minister Canavan said.

“Australia provides the energy inputs for around eight hours of Japan’s power generation a day, making Australia a key partner when it comes to Japan’s energy security.

“Last financial year we exported $41 billion worth of mineral and energy resources to Japan, making it out biggest energy export market by far. It is our largest market for LNG and thermal coal exports, and an important minerals partner.

“Japan is also a key investor in the Australian resources sector, our largest investor from Asia and second largest foreign investor. For more than 50 years Japanese investments have underpinned the development of our iron ore, coal and LNG sectors.”

Minister Canavan will meet with Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry Hiroshige Seko and senior representatives from Japanese industry, including the gas and steel sectors.

“These engagements are an opportunity to promote existing and future trade and investment with one of our largest resources and energy partners, and to emphasise Australia’s hard won and deserved reputation as a stable investment destination and a reliable supplier of resources and energy,” he said.

“They will also provide an opportunity to discuss exciting future opportunities, including in hydrogen and lithium.”

Minister Canavan will speak at the LNG Producer-Consumer Conference in Nagoya and at the inaugural Hydrogen Ministerial Meeting in Tokyo, both hosted by Minister Seko. 

The two-day visit will start tomorrow, October 22.

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