Bill Shorten Doesn't Give a Dam

The Minister for Northern Australia, Senator Matthew Canavan Says Bill Shorten can't be trusted to build dam infrastructure in Queensland's north. 

"The Labor leader claims he’ll establish an all-talk, no-action feasibility study into dams in North Queensland."

Minister Canavan says that pales in comparison to the Coalition’s multi-billion dollar commitment to water infrastructure.

“Under a Coalition Government, states and territories will be able to tap into a $2 billion loan facility for new water projects, including dams.

“The Turnbull-Joyce Government is committed to the construction of dams and pipelines, because only the Coalition recognises the importance of delivering affordable water to help grow regional economies.

“And only the Coalition has a dedicated plan for the development of Northern Australia.

“This compares to Labor, which is bending over backwards to the will of the anti-development left to protect inner-city electorates under threat from the Greens.

“The Turnbull-Joyce Government recognises Townsville’s enormous contribution to the national economy.

“The Coalition can be trusted to build dam infrastructure in Queensland’s north.

“Can anyone really trust Bill Shorten and Richard Di Natale to build dams in Northern Australia?”

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