Beers Calls Last Drinks for Gladstone Aluminium Industry

A Labor government in Canberra after July 2 could shut down the aluminium industry in Australia.

Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan said today Labor would likely force aluminium producers to buy electricity from more expensive renewable sources.

“This would shut down the aluminium industry in Australia and force producers to move their operations overseas,” Senator Canavan said. “It would cost thousands of jobs and Gladstone would be hit hard.”

Senator Canavan said the only way Labor could achieve its 50% renewable energy target by 2030 was to force major users of electricity – like aluminium producers – to buy from more expensive renewable energy sources.
“Electing Labor on July 2 would represent ‘last drinks’ for Australia’s aluminium industry and a lot of other large employers in regional areas as well,” Senator Canavan said.
“Labor should come clean on its plans for aluminium producers and the thousands of workers in those and related businesses.
“Local ALP candidate Zac Beers should explain to all the families in Gladstone who rely on the aluminium industry how Labor would impact on their jobs.
“Labor’s policies are more and more designed to buy off its left-wing supporters who threaten to switch their vote to the Greens. Those supporters are in the middle of big cities.
“Labor can’t meet the needs of regional Queensland families when it's making policies to satisfy the demands of inner-city voters.”

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