Albanese’s Labor: still hitchhikers on Bob Brown’s anti jobs convoy

Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party appear to be reaffirming their alliance with the job destroying Greens. Today at the National Press Club Mr Albanese fumbled his answer over whether he supports the approved, job creating Adani project in Central Queensland, while Labor’s election review failed to address the reality that the once party of working Australians is addicted to Greens preferences, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan said today.

“While ever the Labor Party relies on Green preferences, it remains a hitchhiker on Bob Brown’s convoy to a world of no jobs and no economic development, especially in regional Australia,” Mr Canavan said.

“While Labor might be finally acknowledging the fact that they need to represent working Australians like the Liberal Nationals Government, the review failed to address the reality that Labor relies on Greens preferences.

“Make no mistake, the Greens want to shut down Australia’s coal mining industry, do harm to the wider mining industry, deny cheap power to Australians, thereby threatening thousands of jobs in our manufacturing industry. They’re opposed to irrigative farming and therefore don’t support food production.

“The Liberal National parties are the natural parties of working Australians. While Labor relies on the Greens and Anthony Albanese does nothing to break that alliance, Labor will not support workers and will not support jobs.

“This was further demonstrated when today, at the National Press Club, Anthony Albanese was asked about whether he was happy that Adani’s Central Queensland project is going ahead. Once again, Mr Albanese could not say whether he supported Adani or not. Labor’s review found that their “ambiguous” position on Adani cost them votes. Just 24 hours later, Mr Albanese shows that they have learnt nothing.

“Labor is no longer the party of workers,” Mr Canavan concluded.

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