AgVet Chemical Changes "Great News" for Farmers: Canavan

AXING expensive compulsory re-registration of agvet chemicals is great news for Australian primary producers, Queensland Senator Matt Canavan said today.

"The Senate vote to remove Labor’s legislation requiring compulsory reassessment of agvet chemicals honours a Coalition election promise, and is a big win for farmers and for common sense,” Senator Canavan said. 

“The previous legislation – pushed by the Greens and introduced by the then Labor Government last year – would have forced chemicals currently in use to go through an expensive reassessment, re-approval and re-registration process.

“Potentially, this could have led to manufacturers discontinuing production of some chemicals rather than go through the expensive re-registration process. It would have made farming tougher and more expensive.

“In the end, even the Labor Party conceded the changes they made to the rules on agvet chemicals were an unnecessary burden. They supported the Coalition legislation in the Senate.

“I welcome Labor’s bipartisan support on agvet chemicals. I wish they would have shown the same common sense on repeal of the carbon tax as well.”

Senator Canavan said repeal of Labor and the Greens’ compulsory agvet chemical re-registration rules was vitally important. “For example, according to a report released last year, more than two-thirds of the total value of crop production in Australia, or some $17.6 billion, can be attributed to use of crop protection products.

“Passage of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment (Removing Re-approval and Re-registration) Act 2014 through the Senate axes expensive compulsory agvet chemical re-registration but maintains strong safety review processes. That’s a sensible outcome.” 

15 July 2014

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