Canavan thanks BHP CEO Andrew Mackenzie and welcomes successor Mike Henry

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Hon Matt Canavan has thanked BHP CEO Andrew Mackenzie and welcomed his successor Mike Henry following the company’s announcement about a transition to its top role.

“Andrew Mackenzie has provided dedicated leadership at BHP through his tenure. He has provided calm leadership though some difficult years for the resources sector especially during the commodity downturn a few years ago. Thanks to his leadership BHP has emerged as healthy as ever,” Mr Canavan said

Mike Henry will bring extensive Australian experience to the role that I know will serve him well in leading a great Australian company. Mike has an innate care for the wonderful people that make up the resources industry and he is passionate about improving opportunities for those in the industry.

“Mike played a key role as a member of the Government's Resources 2030 Taskforce that helped develop the Government's National Resources Statement. That statement outlines the Government’s commitment to increase investment, develop skills, protect the environment, expand value adding opportunities and ensure the resources sector provides benefits to indigenous and regional communities.

“I look forward to continuing to work with the Big Australian to forge a successful future for Australia’s resources sector,” Mr Canavan concluded.

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