$30 million+ community development package for successful National Radioactive Waste Management Facility location

The Federal Government has confirmed that an increased Community Development Package of up to $31 million will be available to the community successfully chosen as the future site of the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

The Community Development Package will ensure the selected community has the skills and capabilities in place to take advantage of all the opportunities that will come with the Facility, and to support other industries that the community might wish to specialise in over the long-term. We will aim to maximise the benefits of the improved infrastructure that the Facility will build by supporting agriculture, tourism or other industries the community prioritises.

Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Senator Matt Canavan said the increased and improved package had been developed following close consultation with each community to support the people and industries near the proposed Facility.

The package delivered to the successful community will include:

  • An $8 million Community Skills and Development Program, delivering grants over the four year licencing and construction period to maximise the community benefits from the construction and operation of the Facility
  • An increased $20 million National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (NRWMF) Community Fund, to deliver long term infrastructure and development benefits to the community
  • Up to $3 million over three years from the Government’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) to strengthen Indigenous skills training and cultural heritage protection in the successful community

“As well as a brand new industry with around 45 new jobs, this enhanced package will ensure the successful community is ready and able to take advantage of the benefits of hosting this Facility both during construction and the lifetime of its operation,” Senator Canavan said.

“The four-year Community Skills and Development Program will build preparedness through job training, commercial readiness projects and business development. It was modelled after the successful Community Benefit Program and will similarly be delivered through AusIndustry.

“What shipbuilding or aircraft bases do for some communities, and steel-making or mining does for other towns, the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility will do for its host town in terms of employment, opportunities for new careers in trades and university qualified positions and flow-on benefits.

“A host town will also become a key part of the world leading Australian science ecosystem, which will provide exciting career pathways for the town’s young people. Nuclear medicine saves lives right around the world. Australia is at the cutting edge of nuclear medicine, and the technology is still growing and developing.

“The NRWMF Community Fund will contribute to sustainable health services, agriculture research and development, enhancements to local critical infrastructure and further development of the indigenous economy.”

Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey welcomed the release of the Community Development Package.

“The scope of the final package will ensure the community that is selected will have the opportunity to create a new longterm future for itself,” Mr Ramsey said.

“The only two communities in Australia still in the race for the NRWMF are Hawker and Kimba. I have spent considerable time communicating with Minister Canavan regarding the quantum, structure and relevance of the financial package to the two communities.

“Now, coupled with the commitment of a minimum 45 jobs on site, it will really give the citizens of both communities something to contemplate before next month’s vote.

“This facility will provide wonderful opportunities for either community if selected.”

For more project information: www.radioactivewaste.gov.au

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