Migration Amendment (Strengthening Biometrics Integrity) Bill 2015

I rise to speak on the Migration Amendment (Strengthening Biometrics Integrity) Bill 2015. I am happy to rise in support of this bill because it is a very important update to our security framework. Read more


Senator O'Neill just said that it is time to put some facts on the table, and I certainly concur with that statement. Sometimes if you are listening to these speeches from Labor senators you notice that numbers are not their strong suit. Read more

Labor Party Lacks Policy on Shipbuilding

What we have today is an opposition without a clue. They do not have a clue about what their plan is for jobs. They do not have a clue about how they are going to respond to the announcement made by the Prime Minister in the last few weeks about a new plan for South Australia. Read more

Social Services Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

I want to start by saying that I think one of the most unfortunate tendencies of some on the other side of this chamber—some, not all—is the propensity or the reflective instinct to question the motives and intentions of people on this side of the chamber. Read more

Tribute to Senator Christine Milne

I too want to associate myself with remarks of the Deputy Leader of Government in the Senate and the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. I have just come from a function tonight launching a book about the 'Joh for PM' saga. Read more

Communications Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 - Second Reading

I think this is my third go at finishing a contribution on this very important bill and, hopefully, I will see it through today. I will recap, because it was last week that the chamber last considered this bill. Read more

The Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis, Laudato Si

Earlier today during question time I had to withdraw a remark aimed at Senator Waters. I will not repeat that remark here, and I do apologise for my undue outburst. But I want to explain why I made it. Read more

Labor's Recession Scare Tactics

This is all a bit embarrassing for the Labor Party today. We have a shadow Treasurer who does not understand or does not know what the tax-free threshold is. We have a former Treasurer who is still in the parliament who was responsible for racking up $240 billion in debt in six years when we did not have a recession. Read more

Proposed Changes to the Australian Citizenship Act 2007

It is great to stand up here and contribute to this debate, because this debate will clearly show what is different between us and them. The Labor Party think that we are just like them. They think that we are all us and we are just like them. Well, we are not like you, Senator Polley. Read more

Communications Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

It is great to continue my remarks on the Communications Legislation Amendment (SBS Advertising Flexibility and Other Measures) Bill 2015. In the very short period I had before question time I was trying to explain that sometimes I just do not know whether the Labor Party has a full understanding or conception of the English language. Read more



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