Pet Food Industry

Minister Littleproud has welcomed the findings of the parliamentary inquiry into the pet food industry. As you mentioned, Senator Griff, the report was released late last year, October last year, with a number of recommendations around standards and accountability. Minister Littleproud has written to his state and territory counterparts following that review, requesting support for a review into the safety and regulation of pet food. My understanding is that all states and territories have replied and support such a review. Read more

Murray-Darling Basin

From the moving of this motion, and from the arguments put in this chamber so far, it is clear that there are two main conclusions to make from the contribution of the Greens—both the presentation of this motion and also the arguments put. One is that the Greens political party, as a movement, is much more interested in problems than solutions.  Read more

Further development of the gas industry and ensure Australia's long-term gas supply

This government stands shoulder to shoulder with our manufacturing industry in wanting to develop our resources sector to make sure we can continue to support high-paying jobs not just in our resources sector but also in the manufacturing sector, because so many of our jobs rely on having adequate supplies of energy—in particular, gas—to support those high paying jobs in manufacturing.  Read more

Live Animal Exports

The government is a strong supporter of the export of live animals from Australia because it does support thousands of Australians in this country. There are not just jobs for those on farm who might manage sheep or cattle but also, importantly, thousands of other jobs for truck drivers, for helicopter pilots Read more

Mining industry jobs in Queensland

I think the CEO of Adani, Lucas Dow, summed it up well: On a personal level, my old man was an interstate truck driver. It has always struck me how hard he worked to give us a go and how well remunerated I have been as a result of the opportunities he and the mining industry have afforded me. That was all on the back of the Bowen Basin coal industry being opened up. I started work in the coal industry at the Goonyella mine. I am a parochial Queenslander and I really want to see this get up. This is personal, there is a personal drive there. Read more

New developments in the resources sector

Last week, the Queensland Coordinator-General approved a new coalmine in North Queensland, the Macmines China Stone project, a $6.7 billion investment that would create 3,800 jobs in construction and 3,300 jobs in operation. It would help boost the Queensland economy by $1½ billion a year when it's in operation, and, very importantly, it would generate almost $190 million a year in royalties for the Queensland government, helping to fund better schools, better hospitals and better public services right throughout Queensland, in particular in North Queensland. Read more

Great Australian Bight Environment Protection Bill 2016

I thank the Senate for the opportunity to speak on a very important issue in the Australian oil and gas industry and what it contributes to our country, and why it deserves a commonsense approach to its regulation and oversight. Read more

Environment and Communications References Committee

The government will not be supporting this motion. It won't be supporting this motion, because, as was clearly outlined in Senator Whish-Wilson's contribution, this is not an inquiry that is being established to get to the bottom of the best science on these very important matters. It is not an inquiry to do a consultation in good faith. It is an inquiry that is intending to try and shut down a very important Australian industry. That's the objective of the Australian Greens. Read more

Upcoming developments in the resources industry

This week one of our nation's largest LNG processing facilities will be officially opened. Shipments from the IMPEX Ichthys project started a couple of weeks ago, and this week we look forward to welcoming the Japanese Prime Minister, other Japanese officials and IMPEX officials to officially open the IMPEX project. Read more

Minister for the Environment

We have a very strong relationship with our Pacific neighbours. Indeed, it's a relationship that this government is continuing to invest in. In the past week, we have made very significant announcements and investments in regard to strengthening that relationship with our Pacific neighbours, including by establishing funds for infrastructure in Pacific regions. Read more



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