Enhancing Online Safety for Children

I also rise to speak in support of the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Bill 2014. This bill fulfils our government's election commitment to improve online safety for children. We all know that technological change is occurring very rapidly in our society; I have just come down from a hearing of the Senate economics committee on digital currency, where we are all learning about things like blockchains and cryptography and hashes and all these things. Read more

Higher Education Reform

I listened to Senator O'Neill's contribution and I just cannot believe that these guys over there are such a shadow of their former selves—such a shadow! Read more

Tropical Cyclone Marica

I rise tonight to talk briefly about the impact of Tropical Cyclone Marcia and particularly its impact on Central Queensland. Last month I moved to Rockhampton. I have never been through a cyclone before. I was not actually there during the cyclone—I was stuck in Brisbane—but my family went through it and it was a harrowing experience for all involved. Read more

Country of Origin Food Labelling

I want to start this afternoon by complimenting the Greens. I think I have probably been here for seven months and I have not said a kind word about the Greens, so it is remiss of me! But I do want to pay them a compliment this afternoon because I think the urgency motion they have put forward today is a very good one, a very timely one and a very urgent one. Read more

Investor - State Dispute Settlement Provisions

I must be guilty! Apparently we are all beholden to corporate interests and corporations. I do not know if the strings are visible to people today, but I am just a puppet, apparently, for corporate interests. It is all based on conspiracies. Read more

Chaos and Dysfunction in the ALP

As you know, Acting Deputy President Williams, I am only new to this place, so I am not sure if there is provision in the standing orders for the Labor Party to withdraw a matter of public importance after it was submitted in the morning before we start business, but I think they might have wanted to withdraw today's. Read more

Tax Fairness for Single Income Families

I want to talk today about tax policy and families. In the last few months, the Prime Minister has indicated that the government will focus on developing a policy for a fairer go for families in 2015, and I welcome that focus because one of our core objectives should always be to support families and make it as easy as possible for people to have kids. Read more

Agricultural Prices

I want to talk a little bit about beef prices and agriculture prices more generally tonight. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Gracemere saleyards near Rockhampton. They are getting record prices for beef right now, which is a great thing for our farmers because particularly in the beef sector they have been doing it tough for a very long time. Read more

Productivity Growth

I agree in part with Senator Ludlam. Although I have no theological opposition to nuclear power, it is too costly thanks to the bountiful and cheap sources of fossil fuel we have in this nation. But I take one issue.  Read more

Migration and Resolving Asylum Legacy Caseload

This is the first time in this place I have had the opportunity to speak on any refugee or immigration matters. At the outset, I would like to associate myself with the sentiments put on the record by Senator Xenophon and Senator Madigan.  Read more



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