Labor's Recession Scare Tactics

This is all a bit embarrassing for the Labor Party today. We have a shadow Treasurer who does not understand or does not know what the tax-free threshold is. We have a former Treasurer who is still in the parliament who was responsible for racking up $240 billion in debt in six years when we did not have a recession. Read more

Proposed Changes to the Australian Citizenship Act 2007

It is great to stand up here and contribute to this debate, because this debate will clearly show what is different between us and them. The Labor Party think that we are just like them. They think that we are all us and we are just like them. Well, we are not like you, Senator Polley. Read more

Communications Legislation Amendment Bill 2015

It is great to continue my remarks on the Communications Legislation Amendment (SBS Advertising Flexibility and Other Measures) Bill 2015. In the very short period I had before question time I was trying to explain that sometimes I just do not know whether the Labor Party has a full understanding or conception of the English language. Read more

Support for Country of Origin Labelling

Australia's farmers and food manufacturers are under pressure. We all want to support our farmers and workers by buying local products, but our current country of origin labelling is too confusing. Read more

Removing Negative Gearing is a Tax Increase

Do you ever get the feeling around this place that it does not matter what question is before this chamber or what issue we are discussing, the answer that comes back from the Greens, every time, is 'More taxes; higher taxes'? Read more

North Australia Could Solve Housing Affordability Problem

I want to speak tonight about the affordability of housing in Australia. It is certainly something that I am passionate about myself, having been a first home buyer post the house price boom that we experienced at the beginning of this century. Read more

Renewable Energy Amendment Bill 2015

You can tell that the Greens do not have a lot of experience running businesses because their prescription for job creation and greater economic activity is to find the most expensive way of doing something. It is not in dispute that renewable energy is more expensive. Read more

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation

Thank you for that, Mr Acting Deputy President, so I will keep my remarks to three or four minutes. It is great to follow Senator McKenzie, who is so knowledgeable on this bill and, as she outlined, had chaired an inquiry into this bill. Read more

Federal Budget 2015

I am a bit confused, because I do not think the opposition know where they are heading with this budget. They do not particularly want to talk about last night's budget, they want to talk about last year's budget.  Read more

Beef Australia 2015

I would like to spend a short moment this evening to pay tribute to the organisers of Beef Australia 2015. This year it was held in Rockhampton, last week. Read more



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