Quilpie Deserves Drought Funding

I rise tonight to speak again about the drought in Queensland, primarily. I believe it was the last topic I spoke about in an adjournment speech in this place. Read more

Strong Job Growth Under Coalition

I feel a bit sorry for the Labor Party at the moment because things are not going all that well. They are not going to plan. They are stuck with a leader who is massively unpopular. They cannot get rid of him. They cannot change their rules.  Read more

Same Sex Marriage

I would like to start off where Senator Dastyari left off: I think all views should be respected in this debate, and I certainly respect colleagues, friends and family who have a different view to my own—which is in support of traditional marriage.  Read more

Opportunity for Fitzroy Basin

Tonight I would like to speak about the enormous opportunities that would exist for our nation if we were to develop the water resources of the Fitzroy Basin. Enormous opportunities exist in the Fitzroy Basin in Central Queensland. Read more

Continuing Severe Drought in Queensland

Today I would like to speak about the continuing severe drought in many parts of Queensland, particularly Western Queensland. Read more

Foreign Investment Threshold

From time to time I get a little bit confused about the Labor Party's position on this issue. Read more

Goods and Services Tax

I have been in this chamber for most of the debate and I noticed Senator Lines' contribution. She is up for a conversation on tax reform. I welcome that position.  Read more

Commonwealth Grants Commission Amendment (GST Distribution) Bill 2015

I welcome this opportunity to speak about the very important issue of horizontal fiscal equalisation in this country and the distribution of the GST.  Read more

Greens Deny the Importance of Coal

A couple of weeks ago, the leader of the Greens, Senator Di Natale, gave a nationally televised address to the Press Club. Read more

Trade in Agriculture — Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement concluded in Atlanta this past week is an historic deal. It is the first major multilateral trade deal to be concluded in more than 20 years.  Read more



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