Transcript: 2GB Money News with Ross Greenwood

Interviewer: Ross Greenwood   Subjects: Backpacker tax, Trans-Pacific Partnership, US politics Read more

Transcript: Interview on ABC TV's Lateline

Interviewer: David Lipson  Subjects: Youth unemployment, Townsville stadium, Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, Adani coal mine, backpacker tax Read more

Transcript: Interview on ABC Radio Darwin Mornings

Interviewer: Mick Murdoch Subject: NT moratorium on hydraulic fracturing Read more

Transcript: Interview with Janine Perrett, Sky News

Interviewer: Janine Perrett  Subjects:  Mining industry, LNG, WA royalties, foreign investment, political donations, Sam Dastyari Read more

ABC Landline 17 April 2016

Senator Canavan Discusses the Northern Australia White Paper with Kerry Lonergan.  

Sky News AM Agenda 14 April 2016

Senator Canavan discusses the Prime Minister's visit to China, the future of iron ore in Australia and whether Labor will allow the Senate to debate the ABCC bill when parliament is recalled on Monday.

Sky News PM Agenda 8 February 2016

Senator Canavan discusses the GST and the National's leadership.

Sky News PM Agenda 10 November 2015

Senator Canavan discussing same sex marriage issues and the GST to 15%.

Sky News AM Agenda 24 October 2015

Senator Canavan discussing infrastructure spending, the tax base and same sex marriage. 

Sky News To The Point 16 September 2015

Senator Canavan discussing the new Coalition agreement.

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